Tuesday, December 11, 2007

tell me do you miss me

pdx to eugene II from jbraetzke on Vimeo.

pdx to eugene I from jbraetzke on Vimeo.

andy and i went to portland last friday and saturday. ostensibly, our trip was to go to openings on friay night, but that didn't work out so well. so we enjoyed an evening of frivolity with rob and his lady friend. saturday was a whirlwind art day.

generally, i found the exhibitions at the galleries to be a bit lacking, but there was one hightlight, one midlight, and one really lowlight.

gone sweatin' at tilt gallery was probably my favorite show. brittany powell installed a living room into the space with wood-like contact paper. the detail was pretty amazing given the medium and her use of an xacto. also in this created living space is a television and vcr. continually playing is a recording of the artist excercising to various richard simmon's tapes. the greatest thing about this installation is that i actually wanted to "sweat to the oldies". she also comes in daily to lead a "sweatin' session". due to hunger and inadequate drive, we left to eat dinner.

Seite 1 / Page 1, 2004.

oliver boberg's show at quality pictures, was interesting. i always kind of hate that word in terms of viewing art, but it wasn't much more than that, and considering the rest of the work we looked at, it's a compliment. i assumed initially that the images were "straight", then found out from the docent that he creates dioramas or sets for fiilms. she couldn't tell us what the scale of the sets were, but after finding out what they were, it altered the way i viewed them. i got the impression they were miniatures. there was no real reason to think that, it just felt that way. i really enjoyed that effect.

we also went to the elizabeth leach gallery. this was where the disappointment firmly set in. the show consisted of recent grads from the california college of arts. i have to say, if this is any indication of who my competition is, i'm ahead of the game. but, i suppose that it's all subjective. still it was kind of an eye opening experience.

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