Wednesday, January 23, 2008

man in round thingee

aaron and i were walking to class this afternoon and came upon a man in a large circular wheel type device. he seemed to have no ability to control the direction of this rather unwieldy object, other than to go in a forward direction. i was caught off guard by this seemingly random man and his ginormous wheel. but the more i think about it the more i think i should expect more things like this to happen.

the art department at oregon is separated from the rest of campus (as are most art departments at universities). we are relegated to an area where the zebra fish laboratory and facilities services resides, though the former sounds infinitely more interesting than the latter. regardless, there should be more random weirdness in art school. just a thought.


bikesgonewild said... machine...unwieldy, no control, hard to manage, hard to see where your going, no mechanical advantage, nowhere to sit, always walking slightly uphill, definitely utilizes more energy than just walking, we both covered unwieldy, right ?... if they market it properly, they'll sell a few...

j.b. raetzke said...

yes, i think we both covered unwieldy. but thank you for the explanation. what i'd made up in my head was vastly different than what it is in actuality.