Tuesday, February 05, 2008


went bowling today.

jessica gets a strike from jbraetzke on Vimeo.

all fun and games... from jbraetzke on Vimeo.
my favorite part of this clip is at the end when andy reminds me that my camera is precariously positioned on the bar.

i'm going to preempt these next two videos with the statement that even photographers get camera shy from time to time.

rani bowling from jbraetzke on Vimeo.

michael bowling from jbraetzke on Vimeo.

the leaguers are arriving from jbraetzke on Vimeo.
michael throws a brick after waiting for his ball to be returned, josh is the recipient of the golf clap, and at the beginning of this clip, rani is asking me if i'm still filming. then i mention that i'm filming a bunch of crap in my life now, or something to that affect, which is true. it's a little surreal though, to have a completely different perspective on an event that basically occurred three hours ago.

*this blog has been edited for self-deprecating humor.

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