Monday, March 03, 2008

use your words

always in between the words and what they mean.

take an image and stretch its meaning, turning it upside down and inside out, spinning it around, taking it to pieces and putting it back together again.

broken and incomplete images, half-recollected fragments, all the mass and mess of detail.

it is completely different from your point of view.

whole histories can be rewritten.

each stage of narrative is conceived in terms of an emptiness, the presence of an absence.

we need something to serve as a container for emotion and idea, a vessel that can hold what's too slippery or charged or difficult to touch.

there are only connections, always shifting and unstable, part-present, part absent.

we only have to close our eyes and when we open them the perspective has changed.

we didn't hear a word you said.

it would be disastrous if the images we have so painstakingly put together were to shatter and be lost.

as we notice the images are being repeated, we will know we have seen everything we wanted to see and we will be able to stop.

all this doing was just for you to see.

showed these at reviews. changed the phrases. i think this is working better.

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